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Lightning Speed Dating: Step1

Step One

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We understand how technology can be at times mind-boggling and frustrating. Why add this stress when it comes to speeddating. So what did we do? We used the K.I.S.S principle. Keep It Simple Silly. A 3 steps approach should suffice to you get online and speeddating in no time. Letís get started.

Lightning Speed Dating: Step2

Step Two

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For the second step, Make sure to look for your confirmation email and click on the url to activate your account. You will be prompt to login again and complete your full profile on our system. More details about you will be required so we can place you on the right event based on pre-determined factors of your profile. And finally,

Lightning Speed Dating: Step3

Step Three

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Once youíve login again, you will be asked a few more questions as to what you are looking for and finalize all three steps to complete your full profile for proper matching process. Once an event is posted, based on age group and ethnicity, you will get notified and you can decide to attend or not. Remember, the more you show up to events, the increased possibility of finding your significant other.

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So, what is that difficult to add your profile? I donít think so. We made it as easy as possible to facilitate your experience with lightning speeddating. Nervous about meeting new people? Our events are a lot of fun and our host will make sure that you remember this experience for a long time. See you soon.

Dating Ideas

It really depends on you.

Lightning Speed Dating
Lightning Speed Dating

Speeddating allows you to meet many different people in one single night. During your short talk, make sure to ask relevant questions that will help you get to know the other personís interest, hobbies, passions and more. With this, you can create your own dates at a future time, as long as both of you have chosen YES to meet a second time. Always keep your conversation interesting (you want to make a good first impression right?) and if you want, silly at times. Always make sure to bring a lot of humor with you, people love that. If you feel there is a long and awkward pause between you both, take the initiative to spark conversation with these questions:

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NO fee for registration, NO free to browse the profiles.

That is right. NO fee for registration, NO free to browse the profiles on our system but to be matched up with someone you like, you need to make sure they will attend the events by sending her a token to invite her at one of our local events. Tokens are available for purchase when sending it to someone you like. To attend a speeddating event, you will need to pay a cover charge which is cheaper if you RSVP instead of paying at the door. Looking forward to seeing you at our next Lightning speeddating events.