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Vegan & Vegetarian Single Mixer: Encouraging healthy eating

Date Sunday, July 23rd 2017
Age Group 30's and 40's
Theme of Event Non-religious Speedating
Time 7pm
Price https://veganvegetariansinglesmixer30andover.eventbrite.com
Address 20878
City Gaithersburg
State MD

  "Vegan and Vegetarian Lifestyle" Singles Mixer


                         Active 30+ yrs old: Trivia Theme night

             Portion of the proceeds from this event will be donated to St-Jude Children Research Hospital

                            PG                                &  Verg

When: Sunday, July 23rd, 2017 at 6:00 pm (6:30pm event start time)


Where: TBD


How to Get There: GPS is the best option. Lots of FREE parking available around the street. Valet parking also available


Ticket Prices: $20/per person (via EventBrite) or $30 at the door (cash only)


                                                              THEME NIGHT: Trivia Night



                                                                     Event Details:


  • Please arrive early – our event will start promptly at 7:00pm.
  • If you arrive late, we may not be able to put you into the event and there are no refunds. Adding another person after the event starts disrupts the partner rotation and distracts all participants. Thank you so much for your understanding.
  • Ticket is non-refundable. If we postpone the event, we will send a Voucher to every paid participant that can be used for upcoming Christian speed fellowship/dating events. We offer to ALL participants a GUARANTEE to meet a minimum of 5 men or women to speak with during our events. If we do not meet this minimum, you will get a voucher for the next event of your choice, FREE of charge to you.
  • Ticket is transferable to the same gender if you cannot attend - please let us know in advance.
  • Each person is responsible for his or her own food/drink bill. We will have vegan and vegetarian appetizer but not as a dinner. 
  • Have fun – no need to be nervous. It is a relaxed way to meet new people in the area and have a good time.


How does Trivia Works


-      How much do you really know about common knowledge? This is definitely a good way to figure it out in our trivia night theme night.

-     You will mix and mingle with everyone in the room, ideally the opposite gender. 

-     Everyone will give given a cup with questions related to history, politics, health and fitness, and so much more.

-   You will each ask each other questions about the topic and for every right answer, you will receive a raffle ticket. Once you both ask each other questions, you move to the next participant and do it all over again. Gather as many raffle tickets for all right answers. This will increase your chance to win prizes at the end of the evening. 

-    Each time you have a rigth answer, raise your hand and you will be given a ticket. 

-    The more you play the more chances you have in winning grand prizes!



                                                When did it all begin?


   I can't really believe it been over 12 years that I have worked in getting singles together to meet and mingle. For the past several years, many singles have gone sick and tired of online dating and the many disappointments. Our events eliminate drastically the possibilities of fake online pictures, dating scams, lies and deceptions (at least to a minimum). We focus primarily in making our events fun and as least intimidating as possible. Our ice breakers alleviate the stress in meeting a bunch of strangers in one evening. 

Finding that perfect mate is on many people's to do list, although, many of the people that are single are so busy making ends meet that it can hinder their search. Online dating used to be very popular, but it lacks the personal touch that meeting people in person has. There is a rise in the interest in our singles mixers and using speed dating as a vehicle to make our events as fun and successful as possible to possibly meet your soulmate. 

Many have asked to meet others living the same eating lifestyle and have been very difficult, to say the least. By bringing togethers Vegan and Vegetarians, they can understand each other in terms of a healthier lifestyle ommiting any kind of meat, poultry from their diets. By sharing some of these commonalities, they can get meet and greet and not be concerned with a potential date offending them by eating meat or poultry. This is a special group that we will cater to in 2017.

You will have a fun night. Just come out and try it!!!



                                                       Our Customer Testimonials:


β€œThank you so much for organizing this event. I was so nervous but it ended up being so much fun. I cannot wait to receive my matches. β€œ

-Joselyn, Vienna, VA

 β€œIt was my first time and I did not know what to expect. To my surprise, most of attendees were first-timers as well. Dan was a wonderful host and I cannot thank him enough for organizing these events. β€œ

-John, Potomac, MD

β€œ I had a blast last night at the Speed dating event by Lightning Speed Dating.  Everything was so organized and the energy for the event was open and fun, which made conversations and connecting so much easier.  Unlike a disappointing prior  speed dating experience which I had with the company- Prosinthecity- last night's event was so much better. I highly recommend Lightning Speed dating.”

-Kevin H, Potomac, Md

For more reviews, please check our Yelp profile  at https://www.yelp.com/biz/lightning-speed-dating-services-gaithersburg


Please contact us if you have any questions.   Direct number is 301 3251550




IMPORTANT NOTE: Lighting Speed dating wants to help sick children. Portion of the proceeds from this event will be donated to St-Jude Children Research Hospital. We are proud to participate in this great cause to help children feel better through their cancer treatment. St-Jude never charges for any medical treatment. We are here to help. A portion of the proceeds from all our upcoming events will go to the Cancer research.

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