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Seminar#9: Decipher the Dating code

Date Saturday, October 21st 2017
Age Group Open to All Age Group
Theme of Event Non-religious Speedating
Time 1:30Pm
Price https://seminar9decipherthedatingcode.eventbrite.com
Address 7548 Standish Place
City Rockville
State MD


Presented by a guest panel of professionals including: Dr. Dan Amzallag, Panel Moderator,  and dating coach expert,will cover interesting subject of Dating and relationship in the 21st century.

As the nicer weather replaces the long cold  and dark days, flowers are blooming and the grass is getting greener; the blossoming of new growth is all around.  New growth in relationships is also triggered this time of the year. Spring Season tend to bring out peoples’ hope and optimism about meeting someone new and starting a relationship. Our seminars are designed to help you become more comfortable meeting new people, work toward fulfilling your relationship desires, and perhaps even find and maintain a stable relationship. 

“Most Difficult topics to discuss prior to starting a long term relationship” is the 9th of the many future seminars offered in the DMV area that will look at the subject of “Dating in the 21st century.”  The format of the program will be interactive; attendees will be encouraged to ask questions of the panelists throughout the seminar. This event is designed for the public and opens to anyone interested in learning more about creating healthy relationships or starting a new one.  At this fun, interactive activity, you will learn as to the reasons why trust and honesty is crucial and be open to discuss important topics prior to jumping into a long term relationship with your significant other. Many have jumped too quickly and ended in front of attorney to split and go their separate ways. Learn more about the other person prior to committing with the wrong person. 

The seminar on October 21st 2017 will tackle topics such as:

  • Is arguing too much a sign that it won't work out in long term?
  • Is not arguing at all can be a sign of danger in the future?
  • How much sharing about yourself is too little or too much? 
  • Can people improve themselves for the sake of their relationship, and if so, can their change be long term? 
  • If a cheater in the past, can they change to being faithful?


                                                      DETAILS OF SEMINAR:


When: Saturday, October 21st, 2017, at 1:30pm-3pm


Where:MontgomeryCounty Media: Access 19

7548 Standish Place

Rockville, Md, 20855


How to register:  Through eventbrite registration. 

Important notice:
The front door of the studio will be closed so it is important to pay attention to the signs that will be posted. On week-ends, you need to enter from the BACK-DOOR of the building, where the big two satellites are located. Signs will be posted on the door. Once you enter the doors, you make a first left to STUDIO A. 



Many signs will be posted for proper direction once inside the building.


Looking forward to seeing you there.


Dr Dan

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