Today is a busy world!! Whether it is for career or for some other social activities; all of us are constantly occupied with something or the other, leaving us with no time to focus our concentration on LOVE. When our mind remains so engaged with so many things, we tend […]

Tips for Successful Speed Dating Experience

Major Disadvantages of Online Dating
It might so happen that you have come across a number of online dating sites claiming to afford a healthy relationship for you. The only thing you need to do is create a profile of your and fill out few random questions and you can find a bunch of singles […]

Major Disadvantages of Online Dating

Speed Dating in Maryland
Given to the era we live in, Speed Dating is a concept that seems fascinated to a lot of individuals who seek passionate connections with someone of their type. The trend is fast spreading and now speed dating in Maryland is introducing the State’s youngsters specially, to a different level […]

The Benefits of Speed Dating in Maryland

Speed Dating
The Concept – Speed dating is fast catching the trend across the US. Dated back to 1998 LA, it was initially started by Rabbi Yaacov Deyo with the intension to create romantic bonding among Jewish single men and women. The idea was simple. Men and women of equal number and […]

Speed Dating – Everything That You Need To Know

A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away (ok, just the Milky Way galaxy, for now), a little blue planet, the third rock from the Sun, is probably the ONLY planet in our Universe able to bear humans. In the beginning, we have Adam and Eve, prancing in […]

In a galaxy far far away, where male aliens understand ...

Ok, so this is your first time attending a speed dating event and you really do not know what to expect. First, it can be exciting to meet other singles looking to meet a potential life partner instead of cruising at a bar looking for a one time kinda deal […]

What to expect when attending a speed dating event!

Yes, the book is coming soon. It will be out to enlighten the male community on planet Earth. This book will provide insights on the female gender, the psychology, behavioral processes and so much more. This book will be written in a series approach as it will be impossible to […]

For all men and aliens in our Universe: The How-to’s ...

Hello Everyone. Welcome to our blog. You are here because of many reasons. Some may be easy to fix but others aren’t as easy. Dating is definitely difficult as so many choices are available but this can also be at your disadvantage. Online dating have become successful because of the […]

This is the first of the many TIPS we will ...

Welcome to Lightning Speed Dating Tips. This is your first post. More to come and more tips to be shared. Looking forward to sharing all my knowledge in this field!

Hello Speed Daters!