Ask Dr. Dan

Are you experiencing issues in your relationship? Are you actively looking for someone special but haven’t exactly met the right person yet? Have you tried all online dating website but are getting fed up with disappointments and lies that these options have offered you lately?

No matter your status, we all go through difficult challenges that life has to offer. The Universe is not always on our side and not because it doesn’t want to, it is because of our thought process, on how we perceive life through our own perspective. It is evident that if we deal with dishonest people and have been taken advantage of, we will certainly look at everyone else as probable cheaters and scam artists. It is not because one apple is rotten that all others are. Every situation is different and it is unfair to generalize others behavior based on what you previously experienced.

This blog allows you to ask any questions you want, any situations you are experiencing or any concerns you are facing with your significant other. No relationship is perfect, and it is important to always work hard to understand the other person and what they are going through at that moment. Everyone have their own battle to fight so when faced with a conflict, it is crucial that you stay calm and collected throughout the arguments. By staying calm, the other enraged party will have no reason to elevate their voice to get themselves heard. The reason why people scream during arguments is because they want their loved one to listen to them when they express their discontent, but if you scream louder, no one can really hear each other so it becomes more of who can scream the loudest.

By understanding the reasons as to why arguments are being triggered, it is important to understand the core of the issue and how to find a quick and efficient solution. It will take both of you to learn how to cope with each other and avoid creating feelings of insecurities towards the other person. Learn from your mistakes and avoid making the same ones over and over again. Nothing good can come out of it.

So how can you reach out to me? Send me an email to [email protected] and I will get back to you as quick as I possibly can. Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Dr. Dan