How to know if he/she has the potential for a genuine and long lasting relationship?

Is he or she the one?  Well, you will have no idea at first, but give it a few minutes, a few hours, a few dates, a few months; and your partner might sweep you off your feet.

You know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.” – Dr. Seuss

The notion of a soul mate can be traced back as far as ancient Greece, where it is held as an exemplary ideal. Our busy minds and lives have subtly urged us to ‘settle down’ and just be with someone. Humans have a primal urge for companionship, they crave it and without it they will feel incomplete. If we learn to take our time and be patient, in time, your mind and body will show you the signs that you have found the right one for you.

Psychologists and ‘love gurus’ of all sorts will tell you that our body and mind respond in a certain way around the ones that we are smitten with. When you are around this person you tend to be more relaxed and at peace. This is actually very important as you need to be relaxed if you want to accomplish as much as you can. This is also the first sign that he or she is meant for you, you are truly comfortable and at ease with this person.

When you have found your other half or significant other, many people recall that they felt less of a need to use substances such as drugs, tobacco or alcohol. This is an easy one where you would increase your intake of substances if your SO was a bad influence or just not right for you. But if the person is the right one for you, you will not need to compensate for your relationship problems with other distractions because you have a healthy relationship.

After the first few months you may also feel a desire to stabilize yourself and gain an elevated sense of awareness. One of the purposes of a soul mate is to improve and inspire each other to be better. After a few months of being with my current girlfriend, I realized that she has had such a positive influence on me in such a short time. I started taking care of myself more than ever before, and I am also kinder, more respectful, humble and more generous to people; this is the way she is as well, so it rubbed off on me. On the other hand, I taught her to not to be so naïve and how to control her emotions.

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Article written by Don Sahan, a contributing author for Lightning Speed Dating blog.




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