How to find your passion successfully? Read here for the right advice.

Article written by Baron Sheer Monday, January 8, 2018


Generally, you would ask about the key to finding delight in another person to whom you could relate yourself to, and with whom you can share your joy and sorrow in both the good and the miserable happenstance that is life at times. As John Donne, a famous metaphysical poet, in his poem A VALEDICTION: FORBIDDING MOURNING says, “Our Two souls, therefore, which are one…” right? Well, that other person could be found only if you have correct answers to your problems. It is obvious that we cannot find that one soul so easily, and it is definitely a big problem to solve. You must have seen and even met many people, and sometimes the feeling goes like, hey! This could be the moment I have been waiting for. But soon your excitement shatters. To cut a long story short, it is necessary that when you are looking for the individual you may want to feel passionate about, you would have to follow your heart with a sound head on your shoulders.


Psychologically, they say that each and every individual has an invisible HALO around their heads. And this is the reason for why we act very positively or negatively on seeing anyone (even before talking to them). This is due to the halo effect. If you end up saying on a good day, “I do not like that being”, even before you two could meet, there is a relation to it. Have you ever wondered how you feel easy to get along with some people and how you can easily share your deepest feelings with them without any hesitation? Similarly, a person who enjoys the company of mirth gets along with other cheerful people very well. He would welcome others with open arms, and on the other hand, a pensive/thoughtful person or Milton’s IL PENSEROSO would like to be in the company of a counterpart who could share and respect his knowledge and views privately. They say that positive people find it easy to interact with positive individuals and mysterious ones generally relate well to their equivalent. In a few words, like-qualities are attracted by like and vice versa. Therefore you must progress yourself in order to meet such person with similar qualities.


Come on, on a fictional note where did Dr. Sheldon Cooper meet Dr. Amy Farah Fowler? I know that you know the answer and you are probably smiling right now. The answer is Online Dating and they too have similar qualities in them.


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This blog was edited by Amalia Abbar from our Corporate Office.