Striking new balance between close friends and the new boyfriend/girlfriend: How to equally invest your time?

Article written by: Palak Arora, a contributing author for Lightning Speed dating blog, the second largest singles mixer organization in the DMV area.

When you are associated in a relationship, you will certainly be the middleman between your group of friends and your designated other.


At times you feel as if the whole full blown weight and pressure above is pressing on your chest, causing you to experience a plethora of hardships. Fret not, these are simple, effortless ways to curb the issue at hand!


  1. Devote time wisely to both parties


Never neglect one party- you never know when they’ll feel extremely devastated because of the hole in your friendship/ relationship. Everyone has feelings and certainly do not wish to be forgotten! Devote and schedule your time to ensure that you spend equal time with both parties- because they are obviously people you’d never wish to lose! 🙂


  1. Invite your significant other to one of your parties with your friends!


Allow them to get to know each other on a deeper level, and on a more insightful scale. You never know if they’d eventually get along. It will undoubtedly make your whole life a lot easier! Breeze it out.


  1. Don’t change for your significant other.


I know there may be certain social expectations that people prompt for you to reach; or a certain conformation and hierarchy you have to be aligned with to reach social expectations. But please never change yourself to please another individual. Imagine having to endure the hardships of having to pretend and to cover up with lies over lies. And you end up losing yourself throughout the whole process.


Keep pushing, keep preserving. Find that balance between both parties; reach a point of convergence and compromise and live the best life you can live!


Written by : Sandra Leow