Truth and lies about online dating profiles: How to decipher reality:

Written by Palak Arora, a contributing author for Lightning Speed Dating Blog


While it’s normal that men and ladies will make use of their best photographs and maybe overdo a little on their dating profiles, inside and out untruths are an alternate story.

In spite of this, singles around Australia are still obtrusively lying on their profiles with the expectation that they will have more achievement – something that just prompts dissatisfaction down the huge track.

In any case, what is the benefit of lying on your online profile? I’ve never fully possessed the capacity to make sense of this myself. Whatever you are attempting to dodge by telling the lie is precisely what will pull you under the light of the fact that it is the law of life and it is how sadly, life functions.




As indicated by Experts, stature is a standout amongst the most widely recognized things individuals lie about and unsurprisingly for the most part, it’s a male that lies.

‘Men will regularly change their stature by one to three inches,’ experts say.

The other enormous lie individual’s school is concerning their body sort. Preaching, “I’m athletic and normal” to take cover behind “I haven’t really practiced for various years, however, I’m fitting into similar garments, so I’m simply going to call myself athletic” is a regular lie.


  1. AGE :


This, experts say, is a lie often told by men these days.

Men have a tendency to claim their age as variant from the truth. The guidance that I would give is to forget mentioning it as opposed to lying about it. Any lie you advise will return at you and it will have a negative repercussion somehow, shape or frame.


  1. Way of life :

This is something many singles do – frequently to introduce themselves as carrying on with their optimal way of life as opposed to the one they live as a general rule. They may put on their profile “I cherish water skiing and tennis” and when you meet them you will ask them where do they like to water ski and they will reply with a breathless laugh, “Goodness I did it once when I was 12 and I extremely adored it.  I’d get a kick out of the chance to do it once more!”. Lying about your way of life is just going to pull in the wrong sort of individuals to you and not the correct kind of individuals to you, squandering your opportunity and their chance.


  1. Occupation AND INCOME:


‘I don’t know why anybody would examine wage on their online profile, however, it is certainly something amid an online discussion that individuals tend to lie about,’ experts report.

They may lie about their activity and when you meet them they’ll say “Goodness, better believe it, I used to work for that firm. However, now I’m a stay at home mum or now I’m doing whatever”.

They accept the best position that they see they’ve ever had and they preach the same on the web and it is something that inclines to cause a great deal of grinding after meeting somebody.


  1. Kids :


This is a standout amongst the most inconsequential and adverse untruths anybody can tell on their dating profile. ‘Would you be able to trust a few people who can really lie about their kids?’, informs an expert. ‘I dated a person once who revealed to me he had two kids and that was valid, he did, yet he likewise had two other youngsters from a relationship quite a while prior. ‘He just thought it would sound better on the off chance, so he didn’t specify them by any stretch of the imagination. It didn’t make a difference however to lie – you ought to be glad for the way that you are sufficiently respected to have a youngster.’


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