DEPRESSION” is a condition of low disposition that can influence a person’s contemplation, conduct, and feeling of prosperity. Individuals with a discouraged state of mind perhaps feel pitiful, vulnerable, despondent, or useless. Love on other hand is a strong feeling of affection. It is the most indescribable yet incredibly strong feeling for someone. Love is easy to spell, difficult to define and impossible to live without. The best definition that breaks down Love is how it is is an inclination for someone else so unadulterated and holy that no one can characterize it to its actual degree. Depression and Love are two very different things. What would happen if the two were united? It is said that when a discouraged individual is demonstrated that there is somebody who adores them, the conceivable outcome is high that the discouraged individual will attempt to be appreciative about themselves and for who they love.

Love is unconditional, which means here that there are no expectations or limitations set. Loving a person can be difficult but it is not impossible. Though depression is a mental illness, it can be cured by love. It’s not easy, and it will take lots of time and ups and downs. But, it will eventually will help. Love is very powerful, as it can make you happy in a way no one else can. When it comes to love, we all try to define it in form of a relationship! Both are different concepts, but definitely interrelated. The relationship provides the sense of belonging. A simple touch that can relieve someone from all the pain. Constant attention that we are deprived of. We have someone to look up to. Someone who will hold us, no matter how broken we are. This sense of companionship helps the person to try harder and get out of depression. Someone who will be proud of your relationship and someone who can be your pride too. With all the joy of being with the person you love, depression can easily be something that doesn’t bother you anymore. On a more scientific note, love helps to release happy hormones including endorphins. This surge of hormones helps beat depression.

Love is like a healing process. It takes time, but it is effective.

Love enhances confidence and your mind. An upbeat and solid relationship can educate the individual to not only love themselves, but to have confidence and have faith in oneself as well. It is essential because the individual adapting to depression begins to understand that cherishing oneself is a noteworthy advance in managing melancholy. The best sort of individuals are the ones that come into your life and influence you to see the sun where your eyes once saw mist. They also have faith in you and adore you, which make those individuals one of a lifetime.


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