Love is one thing where people just want the best of it and nothing else. And when falling in love, it requires one to make a crucial decision prior to making that choice towards that other person. Is he or she worth the risk? Will I get my heart broken again? Will I take too much time to recover from that broken heart if that person leaves me? So many questions with little answers, but then again, it depends on the state of mind and how one can bounce back again in case the relationship goes south.

Why do humans fall in love? Why are we putting ourselves in a vulnerable position where the other person can take advantage of us and make us regret our choices? Why do we relate one failure to the next potential mate?  In the US alone, there are almost 26% (Mary Madden and Lee Rainie, http://www.pewinternet.org/2006/02/13/romanceinamerica/, February 13, 2006) of total Americans who fall in love each day or find their true love.

What is that one main reason that we have this strong craving to fall for it? Well, let’s dig deeper into this to find out more about this mysterious feeling that we call love.

  1. The same likings of things, experience and mutual understanding.
  • This has to be one of the major reasons as to why people even consider falling in love. It gives them the mutual feelings in what they sense in one another.
  • Finding someone similar to you can be challenging, but when you do find that person with similar likes, interests and hobbies, it makes it all so much easier to give in to considering a long term relationship.
  • The biggest hurdle is when you force yourself to share similar interests with the other person just to be liked, because in the long term, it can be detrimental, as it can’t be sustained for a long period of time. Eventually, that person will realize that you were never interested in the same hobbies or lifestyle as them. He or she will feel lied to or deceived. Be honest from the beginning, as it will save you from more disappointment in the future.
  1. The physical features that attract each other.
  • It is hard to conclude that everyone you meet is looking for a serious relationship, but the majority is without bluntly sharing it with everyone they meet. Most are looking for casual dating until they feel an emotional connection with the other person. Physical attraction is crucial but shouldn’t be the ONLY factor for you to make a decision regarding the quality of that person.
  • Love works in mysterious ways, and even the slightest of details such as eye color, hair, height or weight can help you expedite the falling in love with that individual.
  • It comes entirely based on the preference of an individual as to what they would want from the opposite sex and also how that person can contribute to making them become a better person from within and from without.
  1. The desire for being with someone.
  • It might sound desperate to some, but it is human nature to want to be loved and cared for.
  • Regardless of how you feel daily, all relationships have ups and downs, and it is crucial that both involved share these moments together. Therefore, the two can create a special connection that will help them grow stronger together rather than apart.
  • Loving someone is very fulfilling, and many experts in the field can share facts about how falling in love can be medically beneficial for someone’s health.


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