5 Dating Tips if you are an Introvert

Being an introvert is a great thing to some extent. You never need to be with anyone to appreciate the special moments in life, and you always keep yourself busy no matter what you do. But how long can a person live this way? Even the most extreme introvert will eventually want to share special moments, both good and bad, in life with someone. It is human nature to need to be around people, either it be to grow emotionally, spiritually, or economically. It is also more financially sound to share expenses with the person you love when living together instead of living on your own. Of course, the process to meeting the right person can be challenging for many, especially when you are an introvert. So, here are some strategies that will alleviate the process and make it less challenging!

#1 Pick a familiar location; this can help with anxiety issues

New and unfamiliar places can increase your chances of suffering from an anxiety attack, and that is certainly not the first thing you want your date to know about you. To eliminate the possibility of that occurring, suggest places that you are most comfortable with, such as lounges that you visit regularly. Thus, you can enjoy your first date in a familiar environment. When you suggest that location, you can show your enthusiasm by saying: “This place has the best salads in town!” or “It has a very cozy fireplace so we can talk privately!”. The other person will not feel like you are trying to take control of the date and that you are simply sharing a great place for intimate conversation.

#2 Express who you are as a person, so don’t hide your obvious traits

There is no need to be ashamed of who you are, and how you live your life. Introverts are everywhere, and in a lot of cases, you may go on a date with someone who is as well. By being honest and outspoken, the other person will better understand you and share themselves some challenges they face daily with whatever they deal with. Don’t be afraid, and make the first date as comfortable as you can for both of you.

#3 Pick an activity or a game to start off your fun night

If sitting next to a stranger is not your idea of an ideal night, it might be more ideal to suggest a game night in a location that offers board games of some sort. The game will keep you both occupied on the actual playing part and random bits of facts will be exchanged throughout the evening. This way, the discussion will be more energetic because of the sole purpose of wanting to win the game. You would want to share more than just strategies about how to win, but as long as you are having fun, you will enjoy each other’s company!

#4 Ask questions that are open-ended

Try asking questions which are targeting their interests and hobbies, and avoid the yes or no answer to these questions. This can easily destroy a fluid conversation between both of you. When having your conversation, try making short eye-contacts, or even smile a bit to make the other person feel more comfortable. By adding a laugh, you will certainly help the conversation feel more at ease and potentially remove all the barriers between you both. Also, avoid sharing details about your past relationships, as this can become a very uncomfortable subject. This always ends up with just one side of the story about why the relationship ended. Your date isn’t there for that.

#5 Don’t be afraid of rejection

Most introverts usually worry about the outcome of every date, as it is in their nature to always wonder if the date went well, or if the person will call back, or even if they will ever see each other again. It is crucial to never ask your date if they will call tomorrow, or if you will see each other again, or if you did anything wrong during the date. This will certainly leave a sour taste in their mouth and they may never want to call you again or meet you a second time around. Stay optimistic that they will call and have fun on the date. Let them be the one suggesting another date so you stay in control. Never appear desperate, as this is a trait no one really likes. Be yourself, believe your soul mate will come soon, and keep on staying positive! It is a jungle out there, but once you find your true soul mate, the rewards will be amazing for not only you, but for the other person in your life as well.

Happy Dating!

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