Tips to Flirt While Speed Dating

So you are ready to attend your first speed dating event but you are nervous. You have not been on a date in a long time. Now, you have several dates all in one night. Here are a few tips to make the best first impression. Good luck!

tips to flirt while speed dating

1. Know The Art Of Flirting:
Flirting is a playful skill that helps to express one’s interest on another individually, romantically. There are ways to flirt subtlety and there are also ways of flirting that can be obvious at times. Until and unless, the opposite person is comfortable, one can flirt either through eyes, touch, body language or through the combination of multiple behavior.
2. Smile:
If you have an infectious smile, that will solve half of your work. This is so because smile not only sends the right message but people also love to be in the company of any smiling face. Thus, to show that you are actually interested in your partner, you should keep smiling and appear approachable.
3. Playful Touch:
Punching your guy jokingly, poking or playing with the girl’s jewellery can be signs to express that you are ready to get involved with your partner, romantically. These are few ways of getting one step closer without being openly sexual. But be careful with the timing, least your act should be noted as inappropriate.
4. Body Language and Posture:
90% of our impression is made by our gestures, the way we tilt our head or preen ourselves. Concentrate on the message you desire to get across and make a point that your body language reflects it appropriately. At the same time bad posture emits negative vibes. So be careful of it. For example, take a note of your leg’s position and the way it is cross or no crossed arms. In other words, find the position that is both flattering and comfortable.
5. Eye Contacts:
Though you might not take into consideration but let me suggest you that strong eye contact speaks loudly about two major gestures – lust and confidence! So, on your speed dating night, if you seriously click with someone and want to convey the mutual message, simple hit her/him with an “intimate gaze”. In order to be a bit for expressive (thought be careful not to overdo it), drop your gaze on his/her lips and swiftly get back to the eyes again.
6. Offer Your Listening Ears:
To let your date feel special and wanted, focus on what he/she is saying. Just avoid being an autopilot for the night and stop speaking about your stuff only. Let the conversation follow its natural course and once your flirt-mate’s said their piece – take the time to respond thoughtfully. At the moment you need to unearth the essence of your date rather than being on a “fact finding” mission. Thus, continue your conversation with lots of responsive looks and nods.

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