Important Speed Dating Tips for Women

Are you a single woman? Are you tired of online dating and the bar scene?  Trying to work out who is single in a bar, approach them and asking them out before you know anything about them is not a very efficient way of finding a girlfriend or boyfriend.

There is a solution – speed dating, where a group of singles meet at an event in a bar or cafe. The men move from table to table for a fleeting date with each woman, lasting typically between four to seven minutes.

Afterwards the participants tell the organizers, using a scorecard, which people they want to see again.

So girls, what are you afraid of? Here are few tips before you go.


  1. Attend All By Yourself:

It is a good thing to ask your bestie to tag along with you to most of the occasions and events but when it comes to speed dating, you need to take the step alone. Even if she tags along, make sure to get separate once the singles night event starts. Don’t even try to sit near to her. This is important because, if you will be around your best friend, you will be distracted. And distraction can create a negative impression of you to the guy sitting in front of you.


  1. Be Open Minded:

If you attend the event with a mindset of meeting someone like George Clooney or Ryan Gosling, then there will be more chance of you getting disappointed. Speed dating is a fun filled singles night out where interested singles show up to find their mate. But that does not mean that everyone present there has to be of your “typical boy”. Even if they don’t meet your “type”, at least give them a chance. Don’t be judgemental. You have come here to meet new people, irrespective of whether they fall in your circle or not.


  1. Don’t be Rude:

The complete concept of attending a speed dating event is to meet new faces and to have jolly interactions. So being rude is a big NO. No matter even if you are coming straight from work with an empty stomach. There can be instances that can turn you off but maintaining your coolness will pay you great. Just like all the fingers in our hand are of not same size and length, similar is the case with people. Thus, it is better to have patience and get on to the next guy.


  1. Strike Interesting Conversation:

To make your presence more delightful, do a bit of homework on what to ask and reply to the gentlemen you are going to meet. Doing so will not only boost your confidence for the night but will also allow you to conduct interesting conversation. Remember, the way you talk and the topics you discuss, leaves a deep influence on the opposite person. Moreover, stop speaking only about yourself. Allow the other person as well to say and ask few things. To know each other better, it is imperative that both of you have equal chance to express.


  1. Socialise:

You might be feeling a bit anxious, if it is your first speed dating event. The best to avoid being nervous is by being social. Like you, there will be many ladies, who have come over to find their perfect prince. Speak to them. Ask them if they have previous experience of speed dating and how were those experiences. This way, you will not only make new girlfriends but will as well warm you before the event gears off.


  1. Don’t Delay In Contacting:

Once you have made up your mind for someone, don’t delay in collecting contact details and other related information about that person. You never know, whether anyone else also has a crush on him or not. So before it gets too late and you land up being heartbroken, approach the event organizer soon.

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