Speed Dating – Misconceptions about Attracting A Woman

When it comes to creating the best impression in front of a woman, a lot of men think that they know everything about attracting a lady. These men tend to believe that they recognize every weakness and strength in a woman. But in reality, they are wrong. The actual reasons of falling for one guy while avoiding the other can be very different from what men think. Thus, today we will be discussing few of the most common misconceptions that men have about attracting women.

Speed Dating - Misconceptions about Attracting A Woman

  1. A Man Has To Be Macho:

Generally it is a false impression among men that they require to be red-blooded while going for dates. For example; taking charge to find the best location for the date or trying to be manlier, while talking. But to be frank, what a lady wants is an all-round gentleman. In other words, what matters more, in the eye of the lady is how he treats the waiter or how he interacts with others.

  1. That He Has To Make Her Laugh A Lot:

It is true, that none likes boring and unexciting dates. But at the same time, it is also true that men needn’t to be under the anxiety that he has be always talking in order to make her laugh. More than a monologue, what ladies appreciate is an interesting conversation, where both can exchange their feelings and thoughts, without any stress. Even studies based on relationship, shows that women are more attracted to men who are actually “mindful”.

  1. Dying For a Relationship:

Women love to be part of a serious and fulfilling relationship, but that does not mean that they are desperate to cling on to anyone who tries on her. Like all men, even women have social lives, active career, amazing friend circle and families to get back home. So, out of all these, if she decides to make a stranger her boyfriend, means that person has something unique that has touched her heart and not because he has made a “cheesy” remark on her.

  1. Girls Go For Only Good Looking Boys:

Another major misconception that men have about women is that to draw a lady’s attention he has to be “tall and handsome”. While, in reality it is quite different. There are so many instances of successful relationship with even less attractive and a bit less confident guys. This is so because, rather than looks, what women gets impressed by is respect for them. These “successful men” knew how to be a real gentleman and make the concern ladies feel valued.

  1. Money Matters To Get True Love:

In today’s era, money has started speaking a lot for various matters but it has not yet succeeded in exploiting true love. No lady can be in deeply, truly and madly in love with a man only for his money. If that is the case, then it is so obvious that she is not at all in love. Moreover, nowadays girls are more independent and career oriented as compared to traditional days. Thus, there is no question of money when it comes to winning a real lady’s heart.

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