In a galaxy far far away, where male aliens understand women aliens. So why not on Earth?

A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away (ok, just the Milky Way galaxy, for now), a little blue planet, the third rock from the Sun, is probably the ONLY planet in our Universe able to bear humans. In the beginning, we have Adam and Eve, prancing in the Garden of Eden, naked, with no worries or concerns. They both had to just listen to God to NOT eat from the Tree of Knowledge. As we are all familiar with the story, Eve decided to go and eat the apple from the tree, and offer it to Adam, which he listened, like a stupid moron. With this newfound knowledge (of their nakedness), God decided to punish Eve by making child birth very painful and punishing Adam by NOT understanding what his wife wanted. All future generation of Adam, especially the men, a curse has been put upon us to NEVER really understand women and pay the consequences for this lack of understanding.

For the thousands of years to follow, evolution of humans was mostly based on physical traits instead of emotional, since as of 2016, we still have NO clue on how to understand women in the 21st century. I am sure that for the next trillion years, humans, mostly men, will suffer from the same predicament. Is it possible that male Aliens from other planets are also encountering the same issues with their female aliens? We will never know until they come to our planet for a visit and start interacting with them. It is possible that we may already be interacting with female aliens as we speak without really knowing. Whatever the case may be, we are in this together. To all men living on our planet, and beyond, this book is definitely for you. In retrospect, to all female out there, this book can also be given to the men of your life who doesn’t have a clue as to why you behave a certain way. No matter which way you look at it, as long as it helps the 7.1 billion people on Earth, my job is done. It is obvious that a topic of this magnitude couldn’t be written in one book.

If that would be the case, you would need a pick up truck with a 14 000 GVW capacity to carry this book back home after its purchase. So to facilitate your life, I’ve decided to divide this book in series, also called Chapters, with approximately 5000 chapters (it is not a typo). It may seem long to you but this is what will be needed to fully cover this subject. I am not absolutely sure as to when I will  complete the series but my guess would be prior to getting buried 6 foot underground, either it be by natural death or because some women didn’t like the content and decided to come and hunt me down. I guess my job is to educate my fellow male friends on how to properly deal with women in every possible and imaginable way. Either it be personal or business, understanding women is what will allow you to live happily ever after. It is crucial to keep your ego hidden in a place that YOU can’t even find it, as EGO is definitely your enemy when it comes to understanding the opposite sex. For the women who find this book helpful and sharing it with their significant other, I am glad that you were able to extract some good points from it and force feed this newfound information to your mate. No matter which way you look at it, this book will fill a purpose, a much needed purpose that will allow peace on earth and drastically reduce the divorce rate between couples. So gentlemen, if there is any book out there you MUST read today, and that goes for the rest of your physical existence, is to read “ The How-to’s in Understanding women: The Holy grail for all men and aliens living in our Universe- Chapter 1”. This is our journey, Gentlemen and gentlemen, to understand the opposite sex so it can allow us to live in serenity and much needed tranquility.

This book will bring you back to basic, which is basically in the embryo stage. Before we go walking again, we need to learn how to crawl first. The subsequent chapters/series, will cover more complex psychological concepts that will facilitate communication with the opposite sex. Just a warning! Reading this book is similar to entering an “Indiana Jones” cave with plenty of booby traps, deadly darts and cave mines. You are entering this at your own risk. However, the end result will be greatly beneficial to you in the long run. Take heed to all the suggestions and tips in this book so it can help you reach the ultimate goal you desire the most: Understanding women!, and money, success, fame, power, and all the rest that goes with it!