This is the first of the many TIPS we will post on our Speed dating blog. Stay tuned for more!

Hello Everyone. Welcome to our blog. You are here because of many reasons. Some may be easy to fix but others aren’t as easy. Dating is definitely difficult as so many choices are available but this can also be at your disadvantage.

Online dating have become successful because of the many choices that are available, for both genders. With the FREE websites out there, no one has to spend any money to find someone, and in many cases, possible relationships are out of the table. Hook up mentality have become so prevalent among the younger generation as many do not put any more effort in meeting people because of how technology have made it so easy to do so. Tinder, OkCupid, Plenty of fish are one of the many websites or apps that are available at your fingertips, which allows you to find whoever you want, at whatever time of the day and can do whatever you desire to them, in any way possible. The effort to meet people is no longer a challenge since many women know that if they don’t give up what is very sacred to them, they might lose out on getting to know that guy. In return, the same guy will just take advantage and go back to swiping the dating app and meet another women.

Many are left hurt and disgusted by this new mentality. Being courteous is no longer an attribute that can be found in men of our generation and if there are any possessing this attribute, they are already married. Whatever is remaining are the ones who are happy where they are in life, either it being financially set for life and want to enjoy what they have without settling with someone and endangering their hard earned money with a possible divorce. Men became smarter, and would want to avoid dealing with any legal ramifications from relationships that went awry.

Speed dating should offer a great alternative to all this concerns as attendees are voluntarily participating in an event with the sole intent to meet someone and determine if they have compatibility. If both say yes, then it should be a perfect match, but if not, well, you have another 10 potential dates waiting on your after that 7 minutes of interaction. Some events can guarantee 10 dates in one night, which allows you to choose from many that may be appealing to you the second time around, or on the second date. Patience is a must as some events may not have what you are looking for.

This blog will help you get there, slowly but surely.

Stay tuned for more tips.